I just bought a new Stinger v6 turbo and my power and torque difference from stock the stage 3 chip is massively improved. The Car was already super quick and really fun but adding the chip just made it better. Thanks.

Vince S.

Easy to install as documented by the video, first purchase was for my wife’s 2006 H3, the truck has improved throttle response and better gas mileage, impressed. The wife is happy as well!! Purchase another chip for my 2017 Ram.

Kenneth J.

Thank you for the quick response and the help the chip works great, I noticed gas savings on long-distance hunting trips it’s a four-wheel drive and the extra power off-road is definitely there…I am happy with my purchase..

Chris S.

I recently bought a 362-HP 2004 MBZ CLK55 AMG and drove it for two tank fulls of gas. I received the factory spec 14/20 mpg. After installing the Stage 3 chip, I was thrilled to find it delivered the promised 60 additional horsepower and added 5mpg. The car is a true joy to drive, The Stage 3 chip was a GREAT investment in the fun and reduced gas categories.

Jake K.

I put it on and just had to put the chip to the test wondering if that $240 was worth it stage 3 chip, everything they say from torque to horsepower as far as increasing I noticed both right off the bat and I like to buy products that do what they say I have no problem displaying my chip your car decal on my 2019 Ford Edge titanium it does everything the company says it will do if you are going to buy a chip definitely get the stage 3.

Damon T.

Chipped my 2016 Mazda6 GT 6-speed manual and it made a pretty good difference in power and torque. Downshifting is way more fun now since this year didn’t have a turbo option. Got the stage 3 and it took about 1 min to install, plug and play.

Quick replies and shipped to Canada at no extra cost.

Ahmed G.

I ordered the Stage 3 chip for my accord and got about 4.4 mpg gain with my normal commute. I don’t know the power number gain but I can defiantly feel it.

Devon M.

I am immediately impressed with the power and torque changes and am beginning to see fuel economy increase the more I drive. Thanks for the military discount also that means a lot to me.

Jason T.

I recently finished a long road trip and was very much impressed with the mileage improvement. At 75+ mph I improved my gas mpg by 4 mpg! Just thought you should know!

Charles X.


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