Wow!! I feel like I’ve been complaining about how bad my truck’s accelerator response is for years. My friends just told me, “that’s just how it is now.” I’m so glad that I found this product to prove them wrong.

Jake T.

Launch Pad is awesome! It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It might actually work better than I was expecting. The throttle response is so quick and accurate if that’s what you want or if you’re looking for fuel-saving, Eco Mode works great too.

Tomas B.

A lot of my buddies said this wasn’t going to work when I told them about it. But, it’s their loss because I’m not sharing my secret now! This little box is such a simple addition to your dash and it’s significantly cheaper than a custom tune.

 Carl F.

I love the company and the product. Great customer service and response time. Emailed them with a few questions and got a response within 2 hours. You can’t get anything better for the money!

Tomas K.

Installed this about a month ago and has been a great upgrade. I immediately noticed an improvement in the throttle. I have recommended the Launch Pad Digital Throttle Controller to all my friends and family.

Mike G.

This is the best product you have. I can’t stop telling my friends about Launch Pad, it seems they very interested to purchase your product. I enjoy driving so much more now and I’m sure my friends will do so as well.

Kevin M.

I bought Launch Pad about 3 months ago and use it in my Dodge, so happy with the product. It works very well. Great accelerating and driving experience. Thank you, Launch Pad.

George M.

I really enjoy the product. It definitely enhances the driving experience. Eliminates that spongy lag feel in the throttle and allows my car to engage the turbo thrust much quicker than the factory setting.

Eric P.

Amazing product, super easy to install and use, very pleased with the improved throttle response after installing it in my Chevy. Best upgrade I have made on my truck to date and well worth the price.

Alex X.


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