Tuning Mission is passionate about getting the best out of your vehicle.  More Power.  More Control.  More Performance.  We are constantly looking for new products that can take your vehicle from good to great and unleash its true potential!

  • 2015

    Started Chip Your Car Company

    In 2015, Cale Byrdziak took his years of experience in performance vehicle parts and service and ventured out on to his own. He found and developed a revolutionary new product and launched Chip Your Car, LLC.

  • 2016

    New Logo, Look & Marketing

    With the help of a talented team of designers a new brand was born. Memorable striking logo, new website look, and brand materials that made a company whole.

  • 2017

    Launched New Website & Cart

    The brand new website was launched with better features and easier to check out cart. Helping customers shop comfortably with ease.

  • 2018

    Updated Site & Chip

    Because of his extensive background, he was able to fine-tune his chip to make more impact on a car’s performance than had ever been seen in the market previously.  Auto enthusiasts embraced the product and Chip Your Car was a success!

  • 2019

    New Products Added

    Never one to stand still, Cale kept looking for other products that REALLY made an impact on driving performance.  Lots of different Ideas and products came across his desk but none of them were up to the standards he had established.  Most of them were smoke and mirrors and he didn’t want to bring anything to his clients that he didn’t 100% believe in.

  • June 2020

    Launched Launch Pad

    That was until he discovered Launch Pad Throttle Control.  This is exactly the kind of product he wanted to add to what is now becoming a family of different automotive performance products.  These two products and future additions needed an overall brand, letting people know that the same care and attention to detail were all falling under the same umbrella – Tuning Mission!

  • July 2020

    Launched Tuning Mission

    In order to streamline the business, Chip Your Car Performance Chip became Rocket Chip Performance Chip and with the addition of Launch Pad, you can see that Tuning Mission is ready to TAKE OFF!

  • June 2021:

    New Component

    We would like to introduce a new and improved component for Rocket Chip. Plug in and Drive!